I was named after Jo March in Little Women, so the first book I ever read was Little Women, but I was 6 or 7 and didn’t think it resonated with me until I reread it this last week and realized how Jo like I have become.  Chicken or the egg?  Don’t know but as much as I am like Jo March, I want even more to be like her ever more.  Strong, independent, loving, wise and thin.  The thin part is what brings me to this blog and back to Little Women.  Having been on the first serious diet of my life for eleven weeks (!) I find myself looking for projects, stuff to keep me preoccupied so that I don’t eat, stress, eat.  Listening to audiobooks while riding my bike, walking, shopping, driving, I’m feasting on literature in a way I never have before.  And since I’m purchasing audiobooks for my iphone, it can be pricey.  Solution?  Classics.  Hence, my reintroduction to Little Women.  Loved it.  I also tried looking for blogs to keep me busy while on this new journey and because I didn’t find one about food, dieting and literature, I thought I would start one.  So here it is.  My journey, losing and gaining, pounds for imaginary worlds, not a bad exchange.


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