I’ve spent the day cooking, trying out new recipes that I can serve on Thanksgiving that I can eat but that my family and friends can also eat without feeling like they are in a Dickenesque orphanage or Jane Eyre’s Lowood Charity School.  Found a new Barnes and Noble Crock-Pot cookbook with a seemingly lean and mean Pork Roast with Sherry and other deliciousness.  It turned out to be lean but mean, dry and tasteless.  Crock-Pot may have a crack, losing steam and drying out the $15 roast, so the crock-pot is out, on the curb, in the garbage.  Then I tried a pumpkin/cranberry custard in my other crock-pot.  Great smells emanating from the kitchen with this one, more Christmas Carol like it!  This cinnamon spiced yum pot held the steam, raised the custard, light and fluffy. We are on to something. Then I read the can nutrients and found that 1/2 cup equals 10 carbs – bah humbug!  So out the leftovers will go, but not until  I filled my plate with dry pork loin and pumpkin custard.  Earphones on and listening to Little Men:  Life at Plumfield.  Wonder how many carbs in plums?  Will investigate tomorrow.


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